The box

The tool for paste the wall wallpaper



  • Developed by long professional experience
  • Well thought-out design, easy to use and clean
  • Suits most common used paste the wall wallpaper
  • Prevents the wallpaper from rolling up the wall
  • Keeps the roll protected and in place during mounting
  • Durable, lightweight and sturdy
  • High quality
  • Easy to reposition
  • Saves time
  • Waterproof
  • Patent Pending
  • Registered design


The Box is an easy to use, durable, high-quality tool that makes hanging of paste the wall wallpaper effortless – Just place the wallpaper roll inside the box and begin wallpapering!

It takes no additional time to place the wallpaper roll inside the box, yet it keeps the wallpaper in place during mounting as well as preventing the wallpaper from getting damaged and from rolling up the wall when the roll is near its end

The box Standard – works perfect with wallpaper rolls up to 530mm in width.

Designed for Branding


  • Designed for branding
  • Custom Size
  • Bespoked high resolution print-design
  • Build your brand
  • Show your new design
  • Patent pending

Our team has long experience within wallpapering, product-development and displays. We are a turnkey supplier with our own production and can also provide bespoked ready-to-sell displays and marketing materials. We can make sure your Brand gets the attention it deserves!


The Box can be bespoked in many different colors as well as any type of added high resolution print design. Most common with a company logo or the newest wallpaper design. Or why not both?

The size of The box can be adapted to fit your specific wallpaper roll.

The Box is made of high-quality materials and is a painter’s preferred choice of tool when hanging paste the wall wallpaper – A perfect fit for your brand!

It has never been easier to hang paste the wall wallpaper. The Box takes no extra space to carry around, it’s very durable and is really easy to use as well. We never need to mess with a pasting machine or a table again.
It became our favorite choice of tool from the very first time we used it. The design is well thought-out in every detail and save us a lot of time in our daily work. They have even thought of making it easy to access the skirting board with the knife.
Once you’ve tried the box you realize how much you’ve missed it. It’s easy to handle and I never have to worry about the wallpaper rolling up in the glue on the wall again. It’s clear that the product developer understands how we work.

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